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You can find many bars around the United States. This is not something that is lacking in this country. However, it is not every day that you can find a dining place that will not just give you a good dining experience but a rich history as well.

Here at Bar La Opera, you can find exactly that and more. We are known for giving our customers many different Mexican dishes that are will not only appeal to your taste buds but will give you extreme satisfaction as well. You will not regret coming here, that is for sure. From our maî•tre d’hô•tel down to our wait staff, all of them are trained to attend to your every need. Our chefs and in-house baristas were even trained from Europe under the handling of the masters in this field. As such, you can expect that you are only going to have the best from us. In fact, we have already been awarded many times already for the good work that we provide here in our restaurant. We managed to bag the Best Restaurant award for three consecutive years already. Other than that, we have also been awarded the Most Ingenious Recipe award for the many dishes that we provide here. We have been continuously recognized by many award-winning bodies which we are proud of. Moreover, our customers never cease to give us commendations and they even recommend us to their friends and colleagues because they know we can bring more with the food and services that we offer. You can get these too when you decide to come to our restaurant today.

Bar La Opera offers a good place for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a good restaurant to go to for an intimate day with your partner, or you simply want a nice dining area to celebrate a special event with your friends and family, then this is the best place for you. You can even choose to celebrate in one of our function rooms that can accommodate up to 150 individuals. Many popular individuals such as politicians, actors and actresses, and businessmen frequent our restaurant. You should too to try out what we can offer. Drive out of your garage door in Glendale now and even get a free drink from us for FREE.

We guarantee you here at Bar La Opera that you can taste the history and culture of Mexico at every bite of any food that you will buy. The spices we use in our every dish will take you to the many cities and towns you can find in this country. More than that, you can also have an idea on the type of food that Mexicans enjoy on a regular basis. Get more knowledgeable about them with every bite.

Mexican dishes are among the favorite types of cuisine in the world. In Bar La Opera, you can taste them in their authentic deliciousness. Make sure not to miss out on the variety of food our restaurant has to offer. Come to Bar La Opera today to experience our dishes first hand.

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